Women’s Services


Catherine Place in Tacoma WA is dedicated to creating a gentle and sacred space where women encourage each other, share and learn in groups and classes, and heal and grow spiritually. The Tacoma Dominican Community established Catherine Place in 2000 as “an oasis for women”.

Catherine Place is a center for personal and spiritual growth. It is a gathering place for women of diverse cultural, spiritual and economic backgrounds, with particular outreach to women who are materially poor or who are facing issues related to loss, violence, troubled relationships and illness.

Healing takes many forms at Catherine Place — chatting over a cup of tea, having private sessions with caring counselors, sharing insights and struggles in groups, working together for a greater cause. And sometimes, healing comes in quiet moments.

On Thursday afternoons I drive from Olympia to Tacoma’s hilltop area to Catherine Place. The third floor is reserved for Healing Arts. . I spread a freshly washed sheet over the treatment table, put soothing music on the CD player and welcome my first energy healing client for the day.

Women sign up for energy therapy for many different reasons — curiosity, recommendation, physical or emotional pain, desire for balance, clearing the press of daily life, increased spiritual connection, deep relaxation. The reason a person signs up doesn’t matter; the process is the same.

We spend a few minutes talking about why she came for a session.  I ask what she would like to happen as a result of the session.

With our intention set, we begin. She takes off her shoes and lies on the table. I work silently. I clear her bio-field.  Sometimes I gently hold each foot. I often place my hands at the joints or on the energy centers on the torso or the meridians on the head. I might place my hands on her spine and back. The treatment sequence supports her body’s natural ability to self-heal.

The quiet allows her to draw on her inner resources and strengths. Grief, anger, regret, and pain are released, allowing peace, comfort, and calm to take their place.

In the silence healing begins.