What results can clients expect?

Results vary. This is true for all healing modalities – traditional, complementary and alternative. We are unique beings with unique reactions. The physician sets the bone, but the body knits the pieces together.

Energy healing provides a boost to the client’s energetic system, whether human or animal, to help it right itself. Whether or not the client feels the energetic changes as the practitioner works, the body feels them!

Clients may feel a difference immediately following a session or over the next few days. A few clients may not feel a difference. However, since energy healing impacts the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental  levels, healing always takes place.

My clients often experience deep calm and peace, emotional release, decreased physical symptoms and improved clarity. Results can be immediate and will continue to unfold over time.

Will the client be cured?

I do not cure clients. I clear, balance and support the energetic body to self-heal.

Some clients experience temporary or permanent pain relief, improved surgical outcomes and improved healing of physical conditions. Other clients experience improved mood, increased mental focus and deep connection with the universe. Healing takes many forms including acceptance of a particular condition, increased comfort and well-being, even healing into death.

Each client’s experience is unique.

How many sessions are needed?

If a client wants deep relaxation, balance, and peace and calm, a single session is wonderful.

If  clients have a specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue they want to address through energy work, I recommend a series of sessions. While some issues may be resolved in a single session, energy work builds over a series.

Sessions do not include or replace professional medical, mental health or spiritual care. Many clients concurrently see me and also traditional medical, mental, or behavioral practitioners.