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Hypnotherapy, energy healing, angel readings, mediumship and past lives for people in person or at a distance

Hypnotherapy, energy healing, and readings are offered at my office in Olympia, at your nearby home, and at a distance. Sessions last approximately one and a half hours, but may be longer. Sessions include intake, assessment, treatment based on the assessment, post assessment and follow-up. All information is confidential.

People can be treated at a distance anywhere in the world. Wanda feels the energy and works with it in the same way she would if you were physically present. The client is aware of the treatment. The body, mind, spirit, and emotions respond in the same way they do with physical touch. All work includes clairvoyant insight and higher level communication.

Mediumship with humans or animals that have passed. Enjoy hearing from your beloved friend and resolving any concerns about your relationship, their life with you and their loss.

  • Per session $125.  Sessions are one to two hours in length.

Energy healing and communication for animals in person or at a distance

Treatments are offered at Wanda’s Olympia office, at the animal’s home, and at a distance. Sessions are one hour and include intake, assessment, post assessment and follow-up. All treatments are confidential. If you would like to know more about what your animal friend (any species) thinks and feels and what might be the root cause of an issue, schedule a communication session that includes healing. Wanda connects from her higher self to your friend’s higher self. She listens to your animal and discusses options during the healing session. After the session, you and Wanda discuss the results. An audio of the session is included. $75/session.

  • Per session $75 whether in person or at a distance. Sessions vary from one hour.
  • Sessions at the animal’s home or by your request at a veterinary hospital are $75 per session. Travel fee for 20 miles or more one way.

Past lives with your animal

Your special animal friend shows me three past lives you two have had together that have some bearing on your life together now. The animal gives the purpose of each life and what is the learning that applies to the present. Sessions are approximately one and a half hours, in person or at a distance. Animals may be living or passed on. $125 with audio; $200 with written transcript.

Payment by cash, check, credit card or PayPal invoice.

Energy healing and hypnotherapy do not replace medical or mental health care.


Model photography by Pat Justis
Chakra Clearing Meditation – Thank you Raymond Zukowski for your assistance with the music and production.