Choosing to Heal Part 2

Choosing to Heal

The Power to Heal

Part 2 (A 3-part series)

– Wanda Buckner


Too often we give our power to a doctor, a naturopath, a shaman, a healer, a guru. The power to heal lies within ourselves. This is well illustrated in a reading I did for Leona about other lives she and her cat, Princess Daisy, shared.

At the time of the reading, Leona was experiencing vague symptoms that depleted her energy and compromised her well-being to the point she could hardly work.

Princess Daisy recounted this life and its lessons to Leona.

BeautifulWhiteCat-ChooseEnergyTherapyI am a cat. An extraordinary white cat. I am unbelievably beautiful and pure. And I am an Oracle. Leona is
the keeper of the Oracle. I don’t mind life revolving around me at all. I rather like it. It’s sort of a reversal. Wisdom flows through me. People come to me to hear the truth. Some come with very specific questions. Some come with more profound questions, but oftentimes I tell you, they have given away their power. The answers lie within themselves and they have given that power to me to give them answers for their lives. I do not ask for that power, but when they come to me, I give them what they ask.

The lesson of this life is not to give away your power. Leona already knows this. The answers do not lie outside of her; they lie within her. It is still good that she asks [doctors and other healers] about her condition, because each question gives more information. But you cannot gather leaves and make a tree. You have to plant the seed to make a tree. The seed is within her and it will grow. It is not outside of herself. The power is within.

Princess Daisy is right—no one can heal us but ourselves.

We need the knowledge, expertise, and experience of medical and complementary providers to support our healing. But in the end, it is us who must decide to heal.

PowerToHeal-HealingEnergyServicesSheldon told me he had tried everything for his incapacitating pain; he hoped hypnotherapy might help. It was increasingly difficult for him to meet clients at the work site; at times, he could barely walk. According to his doctor, his prognosis was grim and inevitable – due to a progressive nerve disease, he would experience a slow degradation of his ability to control his body leading to complete disability. The only question was whether the disease would progress swiftly or slowly.

I asked Sheldon if a physical test confirmed this diagnosis. He said, “No.” The determination was based on a process of elimination considering his symptoms and his genetic heritage. As Sheldon described his attacks and when they occurred, I listened for patterns. I asked him to consider the possibility that there might be another, simpler, explanation for his symptoms. He often experienced attacks on Monday mornings. I noted that he dressed more formally during the week, including a belt and loafers. I asked Sheldon to stop wearing a belt and see what happened. I also suggested he call these episodes “incidents” rather than attacks.

The new language minimized the importance of his symptoms. After only three sessions of hypnosis, Sheldon gained control of the length and severity of his incidents. Using a keyword and light touch to the affected area, he could dissolve the pain. Some months after our last session, Sheldon wrote, “I just had to tell you, I haven’t had any more incidents!”

In Part 3 we’ll talk about “Healed or Cured or Both”

Choosing to Heal – Part 1

****”Choosing to Heal” by Wanda Buckner, was originally published in Heal Thy Self: Tapping Your Innate Wisdom to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit, compiled by Sue Urda and Kathy Flyer, published by Powerful You! Publishing, 2017, available through Amazon.


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