Energy Healing


 Energy Healing and the Biofield

Every bit of matter is made of energy. These energy bits create mass.  That mass has an energy field that extends beyond the physical shape we perceive. The biofield reflects the body’s health because it is composed of the energy fields of each part of the living system. If a cell within the liver is damaged, its energy will be different from that of a healthy cell. Medical diagnostic procedures can identify clusters of cells that are atypical. The greater the number of atypical cells, the easier they are to identify by trained personnel looking at images. The larger the cluster of atypical cells, the larger the effect they have on the biofield. Energy healers may perceive these areas in the biofield as hot, cool, congested, or tingly. Your hand may feel the heat (inflammation) of an injured knee a few inches away from the actual knee. You are feeling the energy of the injured area. The healthy knee will have a different feel.

What happens in the body affects the aura, what happens in the aura affects the body. If the energetic pattern of atypical cells is cleared and balanced, the cell is boosted so it can self-heal and return to its original healthy state. Similarly, trauma held in the body and biofield, can be relieved and released through working with the energy field. Hands on healers view the body, spirit, thoughts, and emotions as an energetic system that is in motion, each part influencing the other, as well as influencing, and being influenced by, the outer environment. The body exists within a complex electromagnetic field that reflects the body’s disturbances as well as calm. Disturbances in the field over time can negatively impact the body and manifest as disease. To affect any part, is to affect every part. Energy healers clear and balance the energetic field, which in turn clears and balances our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.