Energy Healing Methods


Repair the Past. Heal the Present. Embrace the Future

DistanceEnergyHealig-HealingEnergyServicesEnergy Healing for People and Animals

Hands-on energy healing methods like Reiki and Healing Touch clear and balance the aura and chakras of people and animals to support their self-healing. Energy healing honors the body’s amazing capacity to right itself. It is non-invasive, safe and effective. Wanda draws on her extensive training and psychic gifts to provide sessions tailored to you or your animal’s needs. Wanda asks what result you would like from the session and takes a brief history. Together you determine the best approach—hands on healing, hypnotherapy, a clairvoyant reading, or a combination of these. Wanda draws from her training, experience and intuitive knowing to tailor the treatment to your needs. After the session is complete, you and Wanda discuss the experience and determine the next step.

Distance People and Animal Healing

Distance healing is equally effective as in-person healing. Distance sessions are available for clients unable to come to her office. Wanda follows the same protocol for distance healing as for in-office sessions. You and Wanda schedule an appointment time. Wanda calls and does an intake with you prior to treatment. You hang up and Wanda completes a treatment as if you were present. Ideally, you relax in a comfortable chair during the treatment and make a few notes on your experience. When Wanda completes the session, she calls and together you review your experience. Wanda provides you with information on the energy work.  Any of the methods Wanda uses can be done at a distance. In-person and distance healing are the same price.  You receive a written or audio summary following the session.

Interspecies Communication and Healing

Many misunderstandings, behavior issues, and upsetting changes can be avoided or resolved through communication coupled with healing. Wanda’s deep admiration for animals is reflected in her respectful approach. Animals respond by communicating freely. Wanda learns their perspective and shares your concerns with them. Wanda communicates with the goal of achieving the optimal outcome for everyone. Wanda also teaches animal communication and animal healing with Holy Fire Reiki.


ReconnectiveHealing-WandaBucknerPsychic Readings

Readings increase your understanding of the energetics around situations in your life and insights into the influences on your behavior. Contacting people and animals who have passed over provides comfort and understanding. Past life readings of yourself or of past lives a beloved animal shared with you provide insight into your current situation.




In hypnosis the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind relaxes allowing you to address issues in your life that are influenced by traumatic memories, to become aware of subconscious decisions you made that are no longer helpful, and to influence your physical responses to situations. Wanda will safely guide you through the process of releasing unwanted emotions, resolving inner conflicts, and reducing discomfort. Hypnosis is effective for relief from pain, anxiety and fears as well as healthy weight management and tobacco cessation.


Holy Fire Reiki for People and Animals

Wanda teaches Holy Fire Reiki  for People and Animals Levels I through Master during the year.  Reiki is a hands-on healing method that uses universal life energy to support the body to self heal.  Students receive experiences and ignitions from Holy Fire Reiki that raises their vibration and allows them to access the intelligent, conscious Holy Fire energy to heal themselves and others. The intelligent energy flows to the areas of the client where healing is needed.