Reviews For Wanda…

“Ms Buckner is fantastic with our dog. He behaves so much better after seeing her. He loves to come for the appointments.”

“A wonderful balance of practical and intuitive insight. Calming approach to my chaotic situation. Many Thanks for your helpful consultation.” -Kathleen R.

Flooded With Energy

“Wanda is magic. Every time I’ve had a session with her my heart is cracked open and energy floods in. It’s extremely visceral and powerful. I leave renewed and energized. She has a true gift and I consider her not just a healer but a mentor.” – Kimberly L.

Worthwhile Experience

“I brought my terminal dog in for a single energy healing session. It was so worth the time and expense. I felt it was beneficial for both of us! I’m so grateful we had the experience before he crossed the bridge. I plan on bringing my other (healthy) dogs in also.” – Jenny G.

Incredibly Helpful and Informative

“Wanda worked with a new addition to our family, Ranger, a 7-month-old Golden who had been purchased by a young family unequipped to give him the tools he needed to be successful with boundaries and containing his energy. In addition to an energy healing session, Wanda taught us about Ranger’s behaviors and some strategies to help us in dealing with his boundless energy and curiosity. We are now able to better teach him how to be a successful part of our family. Thank you, Wanda!” – Melissa S.

My Goodness I Feel Better!

“Wanda is such a blessing to this community. Came in, really struggling as I have a very challenging (but wonderful) job. Wanda was able to help me “let go” of my stressors so I could go back to work again, with an open heart. I feel very blessed to have had that experience and am confident, should I need assistance again, that she will be there with all the openness and love that she exudes every time I visit with her. Thank you!” – Sarah M.W.

Exceptional Healing Energy Work

“As a patient seeking relief from physical pain from an injury I had the opportunity to work with Wanda Buckner. The healing energy work at which she is quite adept was extremely beneficial in reducing pain from a recent injury and relieving stress points in my body. I received treatments in her office and remote sessions on the phone when travel was difficult due to the injury. She is very proficient in the movement of healing energy in the body. I highly recommend her!” – John B.