For Animals


Energy Healing for Animals

Treatments are offered at Wanda’s office, at the animal’s home, and at a distance. Sessions last approximately one hour, but may be longer. Sessions include intake, assessment, treatment based on the assessment, aromatherapy, post assessment and follow-up. Wanda brings her psychic gifts and everything she knows to every healing session creating a session tailored to you and your animal’s unique needs.


Results can include: reduced tension and nervousness; trauma recovery; improved behaviors; pain relief; and faster healing from surgery, injuries or illness.


Wanda demonstrates below how a Reiki session for an animal might look. Note the deep relaxation this dear dog experiences even in this short demo. Schedule a session for your animal (any species) here. Thank you, Charlie, for being my model. Thank you Jenny Hamilton for bringing Charlie and filming.

What to Expect

AnimalHealing-WandaBucknerThe client and I set an appointment time and date. The client sends me via any background information they want me to have, including veterinary assessments, and a current snapshot. I always want to know the things the client appreciates about their animal friend. If the client is able to be home at the time of the session, I call at the appointed time for any update or additional information. Then we hang up.

During the session, I ask that clients not engage with their animal. The animal can be wherever and do whatever they choose. I want the animal to have the opportunity to turn within and work with the energy. I record an audio for the client, so they can hear the full conversation. I assess the energetic system of the animal–the chakras and Hara–and the physical energy flow through the spine, joints, and any organs of concern. I tell the animal what their person appreciates about them and what I appreciate. I let them know why their human asked me to communicate with them. I ask if they’d like to talk and listen to their view of the situation. I want to know what is going on with them and what they need to be more comfortable or feel better. We have a conversation about what is possible.

After we finish talking, I do a healing session–clearing and balancing their energetic system. After this is complete, I  ask them if there is anything more they’d like to say. I thank them for talking to me and say goodbye.

Then I call my client and ask what they observed  during the session (it often looks like deep sleep). I share what the animal talked about and information on the animal’s energetic system. After our conversation, I upload the audio file and forward it via email. The full session takes about an hour.

Changes are often immediate and continue to manifest over time. Some issues are resolved in one session. Long term, chronic issues may take more sessions or require maintenance tuneups.

Complementary Care

WandaBucknerEnergy healing complements veterinarian care to improve the animal’s well-being and quality of life; it does not replace medical attention.