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Jupiter Rising Podcasts

Wanda Buckner is an energy healer and psychic. Medium-ship is a natural extension of her work. She sees pictures and videos from people’s and animals’ lives, talks to them after their deaths, and views their past lives. Wanda’s communication with human and animal loved ones who have past eases our loss and increases our understanding of this world and the next.

02/19/22 – Wanda shares the concept that the animals in our lives are like monarch butterflies. The animal that begins the journey with us is not the animal that reaches the final destination with us.

(You can hear Wanda at the 15 minute mark. Enjoy.)



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10/20/21 – Wanda discusses: Energy Healing For Healthy Animals, and tips for seniors who are considering taking an animal into their life.

(Wanda’s interview begins at about minute 20)



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3/6/21 – Wanda discusses: Pandemic Pets

(Wanda’s interview begins at about minute 15)


7/18/20 – Wanda discusses: how animals of all kinds are impacted by the energy changes in the world due to COVID-19.

PsychicProtection-HealingEnergyServices11/9/19 – Wanda addresses: Psychic Protection:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. How do you get it?

Listen to my discussion with Eileen Grimes, host of The Jupiter Rising Show.

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Topic discussion begins at minute 16:30.

MissingLovedOnes-EnergyHealingServices9/14/19 – Wanda addresses: Does My Loved One Miss Me as Much as I Miss Them?

  • Are they waiting for me on the other side?
  • Does everyone have the same experience after death?
  • Do we have greater wisdom and knowledge after death?
  • Do emotions like hate or love continue?
  • Do people regret their actions on earth after death?
  • Do they protect those of us who are left?
  • Do they judge us?
  • Are they alright? Are they happy?

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AfterlifeOfAnimals-HealingEnergyServices4/27/19 – Wanda discusses The afterlife of animals, “Where Are They Now?”