Healing Energy Power

How Can the Power of Healing Energy Help You?

SelfHealing-Healing EnergyServicesEnergy sessions support our life force and boost self-healing from all manner of crises and changes. Healing occurs on every level – spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Energy from the universe flows through the practitioner, like a magnifying glass concentrates the sun’s energy, to supplement our inner resources. This boost allows self-healing and integration at the deepest levels. When our energy shifts, our life shifts.

A powerful healing life force permeates the universe. We see it in:

  • starfish regenerating a severed limb
  • animals licking their wounds to heal them
  • grass growing through concrete
  • cedars growing vertically from the trunk of a fallen tree

The healing power of energy has always existed…

Energy flows through the hands of healers to people and animals. Healers in every culture have tapped into this force to help themselves, others, and animals.

You might wonder how people moving their hands above the body or placing their hands on joints and organs can make a difference. Sarah Wagner, DVM, explains…

“The practitioner’s energy field entrains the patient’s energy field and changes its vibration, allowing the body’s instinctive healing mechanisms to work more efficiently.”

The calm, even, ordered flow of energy from the universe positively affects the energy of the recipient and supports self-healing. The body’s system comes into harmony with the energy of the universe to restore healthy energetic patterns.

Every bit of matter is made of energy. These energy bits create mass. That mass has an energy field that extends beyond the physical shape we perceive. Sometimes we are aware of this energy field; but often, we are so used to feeling and being within or near the energy, we don’t consciously recognize it, just as we are unaware we are in air.

EnergyField-HealingEnergServicesWhether or not we are able to perceive it, every item—from a pebble to a hummingbird to an elk—has an energy field. Human eyes and senses often cannot distinguish these fields; often our scientific measuring instruments cannot either. In some objects, we can see the effects of their field, such as in the attraction of metal filings to magnets. When you hold a large crystal, you may experience a different feeling, emotion or image in your palm or body than when you hold a similar sized volcanic rock or seashell. People who work as energy healers cultivate their awareness of the energy fields of places, things, people and animals.

The energy field of living beings is called a biofield…

The term energy field is the broadest term and encompasses the term biofield, bioenergetic field and aura. Biofield and bioenergetic field have the same meaning and are sometimes used interchangeably with the term aura. The energy field of living beings is called a biofield. The biofield is a product of the energy of the organs, systems, and cells of the animal (including humans).

The biofield reflects the health of a person because it is composed of the energy fields of each part of the living system. If a cell within the liver is damaged, its energy will be different from that of a healthy cell. Energy healers may perceive these areas as hot, cool, congested, or tingly. Your hand may feel the heat (inflammation) of an injured knee a few inches away from the actual knee. You are feeling the energy of the injured area. The healthy knee will have a different feel.

HealingHands-HealingEnergyServicesEnergy workers believe that just as what happens in the body affects the aura, what happens in the aura affects the body. Energy healers may clear the congested energy of unreleased grief. This clearing allows your energy to flow freely and bring balance back to your life. If the energetic pattern of atypical cells can be cleared and balanced, the cell can self-heal and return to its original healthy state. Similarly, trauma held in the body and aura can be relieved and released through working with the energy field.

Hands on healers view the body, spirit, thoughts, and emotions as an energetic system that is in motion, each part influencing the other, as well as influencing, and being influenced by, the outer environment. The body exists within a complex electromagnetic field that reflects the body’s disturbances as well as calm. Disturbances in the field over time can negatively impact the body and manifest as disease. To affect any part, is to affect every part. Energy healers clear and balance the energetic field, which in turn clears and balances our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects and supports the human or animal to self-heal.

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