More about Healing for People

More about Healing for People…

EnergyHealerMatters-Chhose EnergyTherapyI assess your bio-energy field using a pendulum and my hands to determine where energetic imbalance, congestion, or depletion exists. Procedures used are determined based on the interview and the assessment. I often include a therapeutic grade essential oil during treatment to support your well-being.

During the treatment, I work in the bio-energy field above your body and also may use light touch on your feet, legs, trunk, back, neck, hands, arms, throat, and/or head. If you prefer not to be touched, I can work entirely in the bio-field.

Most clients experience immediate benefits. Some issues can be addressed in one session, e.g., deep relaxation, pain relief, and energetic balancing and clearing. Other concerns benefit from a series of treatments, e.g., emotional issues, recovery from trauma, preparation for and recovery from surgery, and cancer treatment support.

Following a series of treatments you and I review whether or not the initial concern that brought you to energy healing was resolved, and possible future directions.

Research suggests there are many benefits. Individual experiences will vary. Bio-energy therapies are not a substitute for medical attention. I do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder. She does not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals, perform spinal manipulations, or do physical massages.