Animals Healing Power

Love, Healing And The Power Of Animals

AnimalsHealingPower-HealingEnergyServicesHave you ever thought about why animals live in the present? On The Matter of the Heart podcast with Carol Olivia, Wanda Buckner discusses stories about patients and how an animal helped heal their blood pressure, or why dogs are so therapeutic to patients in hospitals.

Did you ever realize that your heart may be more open to love an animal than a human being? It is known that animals can see a spirit around you, or your energetic field. Animals can reduce your fear or pain: they are healers. Their spirit can bond with yours. Animals live in the now.

Listen to this interview with Wanda Buckner, founder of Healing Energy Services, pet and people communicator, energy healer psychic, clairvoyant, hypnotherapist, holy fire reiki healer and medium for pets and animals.