Deep Connection With Animals

Our Deep Connection With Our Animals

Jupiter Rising Show 9/29/18, 2018 KKNW am radio. 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

On this replay of the Jupiter Rising show I address the subject of “What is the purpose of the animals we live with in our lives? What is our purpose in theirs?” In this segment, I discuss our deep interconnection with animals. The views of the hosts are theirs and not necessarily shared by me.

Click this link to listen to the archive of this show.  (times are approximate)

00:00 Intro to Jupiter Rising Show with astrologer hosts Eileen Grimes and Doug Johnston.

06:00 Celebrity of the Week astrology chart.

AnimalConnection-HealingEnergyServices17:00 Wanda discusses the common concept that animals are here to serve us. Each animal is unique. Each species has information and wisdom we may not be aware of.

32:00 Animals are sensitive to and react to our emotions. What is the purpose of your animals in your life?

36:00 Caller with question about leaving elderly cats while she visits family.

42:00 You cannot solve another’s pain by taking it on.

45:00 Animals have social order, history, language. Our world teems with live. Animals are co-creators of the world with us.

51:00 The unconditional love of animals supports us during difficult times.

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