Deep Connection With Animals

Our Deep Connection With Our Animals

Jupiter Rising Show 9/29/18, 2018 KKNW am radio. 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

On this replay of the Jupiter Rising show I address the subject of “What is the purpose of the animals we live with in our lives? What is our purpose in theirs?” In this segment, I discuss our deep interconnection with animals. The views of the hosts are theirs and not necessarily shared by me.

00:00 Intro to Jupiter Rising Show with astrologer hosts Eileen Grimes and Doug Johnston.

06:00 Celebrity of the Week astrology chart.

AnimalConnection-HealingEnergyServices17:00 Wanda discusses the common concept that animals are here to serve us. Each animal is unique. Each species has information and wisdom we may not be aware of.

32:00 Animals are sensitive to and react to our emotions. What is the purpose of your animals in your life?

36:00 Caller with question about leaving elderly cats while she visits family.

42:00 You cannot solve another’s pain by taking it on.

45:00 Animals have social order, history, language. Our world teems with live. Animals are co-creators of the world with us.

51:00 The unconditional love of animals supports us during difficult times.

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