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Support for Veterinary Procedures

Support Your Animal Friend During Vet Procedures

Oh no! Your beloved animal companion is scheduled for a procedure at the veterinary hospital. Whether it’s a tooth cleaning or major surgery your fears come alive—will Fido be ridden with anxiety? Will Fifi be all right? Will they be scarred for life emotionally or physically? You feel anxious and your gut is rumbling with dread. You know these emotions aren’t good for you or for your dear animal. What to do?

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Part 2 Learning From Past Lives

In this past life, feline TB tells Diane H. “What you need to know now, is that no one will suffer or be deprived or lack anything because you are being still and being in the moment and doing something solely for yourself that does not benefit anyone else; does not have a product. That is just solely for your pleasure.”

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