Afterlife of Animals

The Afterlife of Animals – Where Are They Now?

AfterlifeOfAnimals-HealingEnergyServicesJupiter Rising Show Podcast 4-27-19  

00:00 Eileen Grimes, Host. Wanda Buckner Co-Host and Guest

Eileen – Astrology Profile of Democratic Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg


Wanda on Where Are They Now?

  15:33    Body is small expression of animal’s huge spirit.

                Spirit leaving body – Where does it go?

                Peanut’s (feline) journey.

29:20    Spirit is forever.

                Do they return to their human in this lifetime? Other lifetimes?

                Animal jobs in the afterlife?

37:00    Animals visiting earth after death

                What is the other life like?

                What are they doing there?

44:27    Difference of opinions among psychics about the afterlife.

                Do animals chooses their experience?

                Respect for where animals are in their lives here.

                Being in partnership with our animals.

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