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The Key To Finding Happiness

KeyToHappiness-HealingEnergyServicesThis is the third and final article in a series of articles of a SEEKER looking for happiness…we began with the SEEKER asking this basic question: Is there happiness in my future? Which leads to further discussion…

SEEKER: Will I find happiness?

RESPONDER: The wonderful thing about nature is you get back what you put in. A tiny seed given water, possibly nutrients, rises from the soil. Plants are wonderful and animals and trees. They strive for their own perfection; to be everything they can be. Even though sometimes they’re in harsh conditions, they don’t get discouraged or give up. They grow towards the sun.

It may be that your path lies more in nature, but in a nontraditional way. In another time you would have been out planting trees or on your knees weeding, but the universe and your body has said, we’re not going to do physical work here for a while.

You can earn money with your mind. You don’t have to earn it with your back. You can use the time outside of work for outdoors activities because 40 hours a week for work still gives you a huge amount of time to do things that you enjoy doing.

It would be lovely if we all could work at a job that we loved. In reality, even the best job in the world, the person doesn’t love it all the time, or love all aspects of it. To have a job that they would be ecstatic about going to every morning and working all day and be happy, happy, that’s not realistic.

We have to find our happiness…

It’s more accurate to say our happiness finds us. It finds us in little moments in the day and it finds us in a bright, unblemished flower. It finds us in a sweet gesture from our love and in a tasty, delicious bite of food. It finds us unawares.

You have times of happiness, but you don’t know it because you’re not paying attention. You give much more attention to the times when you don’t feel good instead of to the times that you do feel good. It’s important to move your attention away from what doesn’t feel good.

Recognizing what feels good…

FindingHappiness-HealingEnergyServicesIt’s a beautiful day. I’m happy to see the sun shining. I feel good walking in our neighborhood. Notice how often you feel good and switch that balance from the bad. Right now it looks like it’s about 80% bad, 20% good. Let happiness encroach on that 80% and push the bad back.

Even in the worst conditions, there is a nugget of happiness: a moment of surprise or a moment of understanding or a moment of forgiveness, Become more aware of joy and you will create joy.

The overall answer to your question of will there be more happiness in your life is yes, but you have to choose it. You have to choose it and set up the circumstances to experience it. You can’t sit in a dark room and expect to experience happiness. You have to set the conditions for it. It can be as simple as a lovely table setting or as complex as a lifelong commitment.

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