Happiness and Intuition

How are Happiness and Intuition Connected?

Intuition-ChooseEnergyTherapyThis is the first in a series of articles of a SEEKER looking for happiness…we begin with the SEEKER asking this basic question: Is there happiness in my future? Which leads to further discussion.

SEEKER: Why don’t I hear my intuition?

RESPONDER: You have strong intuition, but you have the mistaken idea that your mind is more important and powerful than your intuition. You begin to second guess yourself and analyze and mull things over. Instead of taking the first hit, intuitively, you go back and ask again and again and again.

The universe does not like to be asked many times and it will quit answering or even give you a negative answer because the universe feels that once they have told you, that’s it.

Like a little kid asking, Are we going to the zoo?


Are we going to the zoo?

I’ve already told you, yes.

Are we, are we really going to the zoo?

Yes, we’ve gone over that three times now.

But I want to go to the zoo! Are we going?

Not if you keep asking.

 And that’s how it is…

You are receiving accurate messages; your body is receiving accurate messages.

GoodIntuition-ChooseEnergyTherapySometimes your information does not come to you as words. It comes to you as a feeling in your body. And sometimes, when you you have a glimmer, but you ignore it, like when someone asks you to do something, you have a little feeling in your gut that you either ignore or  misinterpret it. You are encouraged to ask more about what that feeling means because some of the things that you have been almost lured into, like people telling you a hard luck story, you sort of had a gut feeling but you dismissed it because they “needed you.”

Listen to your gut and be aware of your feelings.

One of the things that influences not being aware of your intuition is that you have ignored your body over the years. When it has told you, I need to go slower, I need to stop, I can’t do that; you have gone ahead and done it. You have told your body numerous times to shut up and stop complaining.

FriendsWithBody-EnergyHealingTherapyYour body is your friend. If you don’t treat your body as a friend and listen to it, it will quit. That’s how you got into this situation. There is more to it than that. But the key is you and your body. You’re not working as partners. You’ve come forward with this idea that the body is a servant or a slave. That’s not true. Your body is your way of expressing yourself in this world. Until you are friends with your body and listen to your body, you are going to have this “push me, pull me” between your body and your mind.

The way to relieve that is to accept your body as a co-creator in this world that we’re in.

The example you gave earlier about cleaning  someone else’s filthy house, knowing that you would get sick from it, that is your body telling you this is not a good idea.

It’s not just about hurting your body; it’s about listening to your body. You’re a very tactile person, you’re very physical, you’re a very kinesthetic.  Information comes oftentimes through your body, which has not occurred to you.

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