Personal Power

Understanding Our Own Personal Power

Wanda BucknerThe 1/26/19 episode of the Jupiter Rising Show 1150 AM KKNW

Host Eileen Grimes, with guest Wanda Buckner discusses “We Are More Powerful Than We Know, But Less Powerful Than We Think” In this segment Wanda discusses the limits and the extent of personal power.

00:00 Eileen Grimes, host. Celebrity of the week astrology chart Betty White

13:00 Wanda Buckner introduced

PersonalPower-HealingEnergyServices14:30 We are more powerful than we know, but less powerful than we think

15:00 Can’t change another person’s mind

16:00 Giving away our power

17:00 Choosing to do something different

19:00 What is power?

20:21 Greatest power is within ourselves

24:00 Caller with questions about boundaries with another person

29:50 Feeling right. Judgement. Can’t change another’s mind. Our power is to choose

33:32 Our power is in how we live our lives

36:00 Who’s business is this?

38:15 Caller with question about end of life for her deceased mother’s 18 ½ year old canine

48:00 Personal power. Caring behaviors towards others, whether human or animal, boosts their health. You are more powerful than you know.

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Wanda Buckner, EdD
People and Pet Psychic and Healer
Certified in Hypnotherapy and Healing Touch for People and Animals. Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master