Animal Communication and Healing

Communicating With Our Animals In This Life and In The Next

Carol Olivia’s Radio Show, “The Matter of the Heart, KFNX 1100

HealingOurAnimals-HealingEnergyServicesIn this episode of Carol Olivia’s The Matter of the Heart show (KFNX 1100)  I discuss animal communication, euthanasia, animals in the after life, healing our animals, and more.

Archive 7/11/18 – Times are approximate

Click this link to listen to the archive of this show. 

2:15 How is communication executed?

6:06 Are certain animals more receptive to communication than others?

8:00 How would you start communication?

14:00 Why do people feel guilty about euthanasia? 

17:00 Do people see animals who have passed? 

19:00 Where do animals go when they have passed?

20:00 How can you detect what it’s like on the other side? 

23:15 Spirit is the most important thing. 

25:10 Energy Therapy for AnimalsHow can we heal an animal in the present? 

26:45 Do animals’ past lives affect their present life? 

31:00 Are certain animals more sensitive to their people? 

33:33 Walking a strong dog. 

39:00 Is remote healing possible? 

40:00 Do animals take on personality traits of humans? 

42:45 What emotions do you see in animals? 

45:45 What to consider when getting an animal?


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