When Your Pet Doesn’t Come Home

When Your Pet Doesn’t Come Home

Jupiter Rising Radio Show June 30, 2018 on KKNW Radio

Wanda on the RadioThe first hour guest is psychic and tarot reader, Maureen McGill.

During the second hour I share what to do when your pets don’t come home or get lost plus other topics. Below is a guide to the topics and times.

I’ll be on the Jupiter Rising Show again on July 28, 2018: Jupiter Rising


June 30 archive. Times are approximate.

56:33 Introduction

1:00 We’ve all lost pets

1:01 Pet doesn’t come back at night

WinterRose-HealingEnergyServices1:03 Cat gets loose in transport

1:05 Forgive yourself

1:08 Death by predator

1:12 Replacing cat who died

1:13 Energy healing plus communication

1:14 Some animals prefer to be the only one

1:16 negotiating relationships

1:20 My book, Choosing Energy Therapy: A Practical Guide to Healing Options for People and Animals

1:21 Role of hypnotherapy

1:22 Human’s energy influences animal’s energy and vice versa

1:30 Introducing a new cat

1:33 Call in: cat quit using the litter box

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