Relationships With Our Animals

Our Complex Relationships With Our Animals 

Jupiter Rising Show 7/28/18, 2018 KKNW am radio. 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

On this replay of the Jupiter Rising Show I talk about the relationships we have with our animals, the beauty and complexity, as well as several other topics you will enjoy.

The opening of the show begins with Eileen Grimes astrological readings for Vice president Mike Pence.

July 7th archive. Times are approximate.

My contribution to the show begins here:

15: 27   Pets as family

16: 30   Are animals people in small packages? Our relationship with animals is complex. Desire for complementary treatments for animals. Animals are fully realized beings. Western medicine energy healing.

22: 43   Use of electricity to help us heal. Frequency from healers’ hands. Hands-on healing is not new.

25: 15   Concept of entrainment in relationship to healing. Concept of distance healing.

27: 57   Promos for Wanda and other ads.

31: 00   Healing from a distance. All things are energetic.

33:33    Improving relationship with bird.

43: 46   Moving your pet into a new home.

45: 00 HeartCenteredCommunication-HealingTherapyServices  Cats are  both prey and predator.

46: 40   Wild baby raccoon dragging his back legs.

48 : 00  How to help.

51: 00   Reba, 11 year old canine Dalmatian, stopped eating.

55: 00   Advertising.

57: 30   Reba and not eating.

1 : 00    Tempt Reba with variety. Chewing may not be anxiety. Making a cat’s last days and meals wonderful. We all need something to look forward to everyday.

1: 14     Distance healing concept. Surgery as a healing, not an invasion. Difference between curing and healing. Phantom limb pain can be soothed. Consult with animal.

1:26      Does astrology applied to animals?

1: 29     Almost euthanized due to misunderstanding

1: 31     Introducing cats to each other

1: 39     Announcements and contact info.

~ Wanda Buckner, People and Pet Psychic and Healer


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