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BuddyTune into 1150 AM KKNW radio station, Saturdays at 11 AM to 1 PM. I am the second hour guest at 12 noon. You can listen live  plus you can call in with your questions at (888) 298-5569. Or if you are unable to listen live, you can enjoy the programs in the archives. This link will take you to the last show I was on. I am in the second hour at marker 58:34 and conclude at 1:39.

You might also enjoy the guest before me, a sound system inventor with a lot of information on the effects of sound!

May 26 (and the last Saturday of every month) Jupiter Rising Show KKNW radio Animal Healing & Communication Guest Speaker

Introduction 58:39

1:01 GrayWhale-HealingEnergyServicesAdventure with the Gray Whales

1:02 Almost hunted to extinction
1:03 What is your job?
1:04 Message for us
1:06 How they feel about us tracking them
1:17 Can cats see family members who have passed?
1:21 Our energy field continues after we’ve left our bodies
1:26 Supporting your animals when they are away from you
1:38 Importance of enrichment
1:33 Create a win-win for your animals
1:34 Supporting an older cat with chronic health issues
1:39 How to reach me

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