Learning From Past Lives

Learning From Past Lives For Your Current Life

Reading by Wanda Buckner July 27, 2016 for Diane H.


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In this reading, Princess (deceased feline) tells her human, Diane H., to claim her gifts. Princess says, “At this [current] time and place, you can live a life of passion. And of passion for what you do, for your talents, for your gifts.”


So Princess would you show me a past life that has relevance and meaning for Diane’s life today in the here and the now?


Thank you. So she says that you and Neil were together before, but not as husband and wife. And I see a farm and animals and a barn and some pigs and sheep. I see you as a female; you are milking. You look very much like you do today. It’s interesting there are barn cats and Princess says she was one of the barn cats. She’d twine around your legs.

It looks like a large farm, so that there were people like yourself who worked the farm separate from the people who lived in the house on the hill. It was more like a fiefdom is the word that comes where there is a landlord who owns great parcels of land and then the people who live on it farm the land and then give a tithe.

animalsfrompastlives-healingenergyservicesAnd I’m looking around. I see ducks and chickens. I’m looking for children. I’m not seeing any children. The older children have moved away. The smells of the barn. There’s a horse as well as cows. It smells good. It smells rich and earthy. The milk is warm. You can hear the ping of it in the pail as she’s milking.

I’m asking what the purpose of this life is and why we’re being shown it. And Princess says it was a happy life. It was a natural life. We hunted (she’s speaking as cats). We had babies; there was plenty of food. There were lots of mice and it was very secure. There were really no predators; the dogs kept the predators away. And that sometimes you would squirt milk at her.

I’m asking if there’s something to be learned in this life. And this life is about that every, every job is of value and has its own satisfaction. Cleaning the stalls—it could be considered a messy, not very interesting, dirty work. But you don’t see it that way. You get to be with the horses. They smell good. And they give that sort of whinnying sound.

And you’re very comfortable there. And you would a thousand times rather be outdoors with the animals than inside cooking the meals and making socks. You know: knitting, hand making clothes. And so you have taken the role, it’s a much more masculine role. You have a younger sister who was very feminine and was all about, you know, flowers and vases and crocheting, and all of that and she did marry and have children. But you, your hands are very rough and calloused from the hard physical labor. But it was labor you really enjoyed and you were a joy to your parents in their old age because they could never have managed without you.

And for you, it wasn’t it wasn’t something that you were giving up. It actually gave you an excuse for being there, so that you didn’t have to explain why you weren’t married and away with your husband and so on [Husband left after children left. Together about 15 years]. You were taking care of your, of your elderly parents and people thought that that was very wonderful. So you got a lot of positive feedback about it and weren’t considered like an old maid, though you were very masculine for that time. You preferred men’s clothes.

And I see Neil who was briefly with you. It looks like it was sort of a marriage, but it was. . . Neither one of you were really that excited about it. It was just, well of course you’re going to marry, and of course you’re going to do this, and of course you’re going to do that and, and so you did. And I see that he left. It wasn’t with animosity. And so he stayed, and I’m looking for, there were Diane two or three children. But the children left early too and when the children were gone then he also left. So he, he did his duty, but he wasn’t interested in being married any more than you were.

And so, this life is about following your heart. And in that time and place you couldn’t say, “I love being in the barn and I’d rather be there than anywhere. I like growing things; it’s wonderful. I like the chickens.” You’d pick up the chickens and, and pet them and nuzzle them. And they would run to you. Princess is the only cat that I see really twining around you. You had a special affinity [for cats] even then.

communicate-withanimals-healingenergysericesAnd so the lesson for this life, and maybe it’s not a lesson so much as a blessing. And that in this [current] life, you don’t have to give reasons for what you’re doing that are different from the actual reason. You have an opportunity in this [current] life to be more forthright; to claim your right as an animal communicator, as an animal healer, and without apology. And Princess encourages you to own this gift that you have, rather than being sort of apologetic and dismissing towards it for other people.

But because you don’t want to seem big headed or making outrageous claims, you know, so, and in general, you have always understated your gifts. And you very much live a life of support in this [current] lifetime and at this, at this time and place, you can live a life of passion. And of passion for what you do, for your talents, for your gifts. Rather than supporting others as you have done in so many past lives and that are doing it again in this life. And so there’s an encouragement to follow this path of expanded connection and communication across time and space.

That’s very lovely. And I ask if there’s anything more. And she [Princess] says that she really appreciated your kindness both in this [current] time that and also in the past time because in the past time people would often kick away the cats and tell them to get out of the way and that there were too darn many of them. And it’s you [speaking as a cat] against them. And the cats are quite fierce. So you know, lots of teeth and claws if someone tried to catch them.

But she really liked you and she really appreciated your kindness and she, she recognized at this time that Neil’s energy was what came first because it was a more, I don’t mean aggressive in a negative way, but your energy was much softer and layered underneath. And his was much more forward when she approached, that’s the energy she felt first. So I’m asking is there anything more to learn from this? She says, no. That’s all she wanted to say is to claim your gifts.

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