Part 3 Past Life Reading With Cats

My First Past Life Reading With Cats…

(Part 3)

Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner

WinterRose-HealingEnergyServices(To listen to this reading you may click here. This section begins at 19:55 in the audio. If you follow the audio using the transcript, who is speaking will be clearer.)

Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner

PastLifeRegressionDublin-HealingEnergyServiceMe: Thank you Winter, though I still see Sierra too. Winter, you have very commanding eyes. Thank you for that [life]. Would you like to show us another one?

I’m seeing the streets of England and again I see it like a daguerreotype, do you know what I mean by that?

Karen: That’s exactly how . . . (unintelligible)

Me: And with coaches and I’m seeing it more like the inner city, where it’s muddy and dirty and sooty and dusty and I see you as a male, a young male. Maybe 10 to 12 [years old]. Homeless, living on the streets. Begging, fighting with the cats for food. Willing to share but not willing to give it all up.

It’s a very, very hard life. There’s more than one cat around. There are rats. People are hungry, just overall they’re hungry. And I get more like Dublin. Famine and fleeing the farms, hoping for work and there’s none. We’re all in this together. Everybody knows it’s survival. The other animals are not the problem.

It’s more like little gangs; mini gangs of, little gangs, m-i- n-i gangs, because food is really scarce and might makes right and they can gang together and steal and take from younger, weaker boys. And they’re very, “We don’t care.” You know. Very, very tough, very angry. Really angry. Angry at the world. Angry at their mothers. Angry at life in general. Angry at everything. They’d just as soon kick the dog as kick the garbage can. They’re just SO angry.

And you see this and shrink from it, and make yourself smaller, and smaller and smaller. Wishing you could disappear into that flap(?) just like the mouse does. Trying to disappear until you finally do. You’re not with cats, but with rats and mice. And they’re not your enemies. They’re companionship; they come and go and you watch them and see their families. You’re not afraid of them. You wish your life was more like theirs.

Me: What is the purpose of showing Karen this life in this time?

Winter: She needs to know that this is not her life and not what she is to do. That was then and this is now and shrinking back and disappearing is not an option. Being closely connected to animals is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to be closely connected to your own species.

Me: Thank you for showing me that life.

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