Part 4 Past Life Reading With Cats

My First Past Life Reading With Cats…

(Part 4 – Final)

Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner

WinterRose-HealingEnergyServices(To listen to this reading you may click on the audio player below. This section begins at 23.14 in the audio. If you follow the audio using the transcript, who is speaking will be clearer.)

Me: So, [Winter] is there a third life you’d like to show?

PastLifePub-HealingEnergyServicesI get a picture of a kitchen, and you’re [Karen] a female, and a cook. You’re surrounded by people. You cook for a restaurant. It’s a happy place, more like a bar. You’re in the back, not up the front with the customers. It’s teeming with life; there are cats, there are mice, there’s a dog. There are people. There are servers. There are people who prep food. 1800’s. You have like a peasant blouse with a, not a cummerbund, but it’s a, yeah, whatever it is that goes around your waist. Then a full skirt. You’re a full figured woman, robust and definitely in charge, but in charge with a huge sense of humor. You love to cook.

You slap at the cats, otherwise. . . There’s a cat that lays up above the stove where it’s really hot. So you have this wooden stove and then there’s this back and then there’s this top up above and that’s where the cat likes to be. And pots and pans hanging up there and the stove is really hot; the kitchen is hot. It’s dark. Looks like stone behind it.

There’s a lot of joking, there’s a lot of yelling, a lot of slapping butts, it’s a very earthy experience. It’s very physical. It’s about eating heartily and playing hard and loving life and taking joy where you can find the gusto. That’s the word. Having great gusto for life. Living large.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not rich, but you have plenty to eat. Looking for kids, I’m not seeing any kids right now. They seem to be grown, but you are surrounded. You’re very popular with people who, you know, they come to the front for the food and the bar in there, but there’s a group of people in the back to sit around in the kitchen.

There’s a big wooden table with benches around it, just to be in the atmosphere and that’s where the working people are; the people who aren’t allowed to sit out front and eat. And that’s where that’s where the fun is; laughter and joy and there’s a focus on the present. It’s all about the present. They don’t talk about what comes next or what else, but it’s here and now. And they look forward to being there, because it is here and now. It’s not like, “Well, how’s your grandma doing, I heard she was dying.” No, there’s none of that. It’s you know, “Have another.”

You know, it’s all about joking about the present moment. And it’s such a respite from the life that goes on outside. It’s like there’s an agreement, an unspoken agreement, not to talk about anything—not to talk about wars or politics or people dying, or wondering where the next food comes from. It’s all about being there in that moment and living that moment to the fullest.

And that’s what this past life is about: make the present big! The past small. The future a little larger Make the present REALLY BIG.

That’s really lovely. Thank you very much.

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