Part 2 Past Life Readings With Cats

My First Past Life Reading With Cats…

(Part 2)

Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner

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Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner


Me: Okay. So let me ask you some other questions. Do you come back often? You know, like people sometimes don’t come back for generations or take another body.

Cats: Oh yeah. We come back pretty often, wouldn’t you say? Yeah. Yeah. I think we do. I can’t remember a time right off hand when we weren’t back. We like it here.

Me: And I’m getting flashes of, uh, they’re like movie pictures. They’re not like, they’re not like the pictures I usually see. They’re like stereotype pictures, you know like King Arthur’s castle, and Tarzan on the, kind of thing, on the. . . . It’s not like the pictures I usually see where I am in the scene. Oh, pardon me, I’m sorry . . .

Karen: (unintelligible about her seeing things as movies)

Me: Oh, is that right? So you think I’m seeing possibly as you see.

Karen: Maybe.

Me: Oh, that’s so interesting and certainly possible. I’ve known other people who see things like cartoon figures. They see them as cartoons. I have to say I’m very glad I’m not charging for this. (laughter)

Karen: You’re practicing.

Me: Yeah. So interesting. I see them as being very opportunistic, very flexible, very adaptable, very “do what works,” make friends where you need to make friends. So that it’s like nothing is off limits. Like if there’s a dog that it would be best to be friends with, they can be friends with it. Very interesting. And they’re really, I’d call it non-judgmental. They’re like, moods don’t bother them, other people’s moods. They’re like, Nyeh. Nyeh, which is quite different from a dog energy.

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Me: So let me ask you. Sage, what is your purpose in Karen’s life today.

Sage: I’m just here to love and be loved. That’s all there is.

Me: And what about you, Winter Rose?

Winter: I am here to watch. I watch things. I watch her. I watch the other cats. I watch the birds. I am a watcher. I have been with Karen before when she was very little. And it was in the South.

Me:SoutherPlantation=HealingEnergyServices I’m seeing a plantation kind of thing.

Winter: And she was always holding a cat. Her parents say, “Put that thing down.” Always with the kitties in the barn. And of course she brought them and of course she had them in the kitchen area, which wasn’t in the house, it was outside the house in a separate building where it was warm and there were slaves and they would tolerate Karen being there and bringing the sick little cats there. They didn’t have the same attitude as the white people. The white people liked horses. They liked dogs. They liked tall, long legged things, though there were some house cats.

What’s important about this is that Karen had no judgement. She learned from this experience that how people lived and how they talked and how they behaved toward each other was entirely separate from how they were with animals. The most loving man could be cruel to his horse; the most cruel man could be comforting to a cat. A man could love his animals and not his children.

Some families just had more love and Karen gravitated toward those families whether they were human or animal. Her family was rather cold, um, non-demonstrative. They didn’t like her getting dirty. They didn’t like her having hair on her. They didn’t like her being scratched up. They wanted a perfect little girl and, in fact, there was one. It was an older sister who was quite perfect. And Karen didn’t really care. That didn’t look like much fun. Karen was more likely to found climbing out in the willow tree or hiding in the barn. She did have chores, but she couldn’t be found.

The plantation was actually a joy for her. It was big. Everybody was busy and she was pretty much ignored. There was an older boy too. And the lesson to be learned from this is love is where you find it.

Very lovely.

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