Past Life Reading With Cats

My First Past Life Reading With Cats…

Karen Rose and her cats Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose, and Sage

Jan. 25, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner

Sage-HealingEnergyServices(To listen to this reading you may click on the Audio Player Bar below. If you follow the audio using the transcript, who is speaking will be clearer.)

[Not every reading goes as planned. This is my first past life reading with cats.

When I approached felines Sierra (deceased), Winter Rose and Sage about a past life with their human Karen, the cats took over the reading to talk about their present life! Karen is a strict vegetarian. Knowing this helps explain the following conversation. It is also intriguing that Sierra (deceased) and Sage seem to share the same body. Another unique aspect is that the information comes as scenes from movies rather than real life pictures.]


Me: The question before us right this instant is which of these dear beings in Karen’s life would like to tell her about their past lives together. So dear Sierra and Winter Rose, so beautiful, and Sage. And he said yes, he is with you, but he doesn’t really see a past life. It is Sierra who is coming forward and Sierra, I would like you to show us three lives that you had with Karen before, that have something to do with her current life so she can bring that information forward.

So the first thing I see, it is really fast. I see Sierra lying on furs, real furs, animal skins in an opulent, for those times, castle. The walls are big, big hewn rocks. It’s probably where they have those kinds of castles, England, further north, Scotland, Scottish seems more. Clearly you (Sierra) are pampered. It’s so interesting.

I’m getting. . . Do you know Vanessa Redgrave in King Arthur (movie)? That’s the picture I’m getting. (laughing) I’m like, okay then. Alright. In that very sensual, in her private chambers, not the stuffy British kind of chambers with waiting maids and so on, but just actually a well-born female whose life has been easy, as easy as life is in those times. There’s a lot of death and dying and maiming and people don’t live very long. And, in a strange turnabout, sometimes cats live longer than their people. Yeah. You know, children die—maybe three out of five births—pneumonia.

So it’s very lovely. Karen. you must be, I would say, 17 or 18. You’re already married. Looks like you have a child. Not very old. Looks like a five-year- old, an 18 month old. The one (child) in-between appears to have died already. Sierra is old for a cat in those times. She’s quite fat. You picked her up outside, in like a granary, when she was a kitten because she’s so beautiful and brought her in. So she had been learning to hunt for mice and there’re still mice in the castle and there’s still opportunity, but she only hunts for fun because you feed her all sorts of wonderful goodies and delicacies and that’s why she’s quite round as she sits there.

Thank you Sierra for that very clear picture. What is it about that life you wanted me to know? She (Sierra) says, “I liked it! I really liked it.” (laughter) Yes indeed. Alright. So she would like better food. She would like more treats and things she’s not supposed to have. Just sayin’. Okay. We got that out of the way. And she would like real fur to lie on. Well, I’m just going to say I’m not sure that you Karen agrees with that. And she’s (Sierra) saying, “But they were dead a long time ago, you know.” (chuckling) You know (Sierra), not the point here. Okay, so. Sierra, you’re funny, funny, funny. But Sierra. she says, “I know, I know. But I’m talkin’ about last time, I’m talkin’ about next time.”

Me: (I try again to redirect the reading to a past life.) There’s somebody there now. Now let me check. Okay. Now, who am I talking to? Let’s be sure. Is this Winter Rose? I get, no, it’s Sierra. Alright. Are you sure?

Sierra: Yes.

Me: But Sierra, we’re in a different time period here. Were. . . Where are you? She says, “Well, I’m here.” (to Karen) So, is she (Sierra) still with you? I mean not physically, but. . . .

Karen: (unintelligible). No, no. But I think, yes.

Me: Yes?

Karen: But I think in another cat.

Me: Ah. Is that what it is? Because, I cannot, in my mind, they cross each other, you know—Winter Rose and Sierra.

Karen: This is a different cat.

WinterRose-HealingEnergyServicesMe: A different cat. Because I saw the picture of Winter Rose. And I’m like. . . well, where do you think Sierra is? ‘Cause I’m really getting her alive.

Karen: Winter had two biological brothers and one of them is named Sage. Sage is my lung cancer cat. But ever since I have known Sage, he has done very Sierra-like things. That’s how he wants to be held and pampered and spoiled and lay around. (chuckling) When he got sick, he was quite round and rotund.

Me: Alright, you guys. (laughing)

Karen: I have always thought that Sierra was Sage.

Me: Okay, Sierra/Sage. I don’t know. This is quite unusual. I did have a client yesterday where the other cat kept talking and it took me a while to sort it out. Well, Sierra/Sage, is there anything else you want to tell Karen now?

Sierra/Sage: I really hate the food. I want more play. Don’t like it outside. (unintelligible from Karen) Pardon me?

Karen: He doesn’t get to go outside. No good comes from outside.

Me: Yeah. Well, you’re very loved Sierra. You’re very loved Sage. But I really would like to go to past lives.

Sierra/Sage: Maybe you should talk to someone else.

Me: (chuckles) This cat is very in the present. Is there anything else?

Sierra/Sage: I like to be warm.

Me: I’m asking if Sierra or Sage can tell me something really specific so that you (Karen) will know, it will be really indicative that you, that this is this person. And I'm seeing a play thing, it’s a stick and it has a string and a little thing that bounces on the end. Is that?

Karen: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Me: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate that affirmation. (chuckling)

Karen: That’s Winter’s play thing though.

Me: Oh, that’s Winter’s! Alright. So I’m going to switch gears here. Winter. Winter Rose. What a beautiful name. (to Karen) Have you watched that movie with the cats?

Karen: I don’t typically watch an animal in peril.

Me: But Arthur, King Arthur with Vanessa Redgrave.

Karen: Oh. I just remember Vanessa Redgrave in a movie about King Arthur. But I don’t remember a cat.

Me: There wasn’t a cat in the movie.

Karen: Oh.

Me: No, there was no cat. My point is, but why do they know that scene?

Karen: Well, you know. I don’t know. It could just be. . .

Me: It’s just interesting.

Karen: I’m obsessed with Scotland, as you probably can tell, and want to go there.

Me: No, I didn’t actually know that. It’s so funny. It’s a unique reading. (laughter) That’s why we’re doing it. Alright. I’m just going to wait and we’ll see. Quite a personality there.

Cats: But there is something to learn from that. We like those things. We really like those things. She (Karen) should learn that, know that.

Me: Do they have real fur (to lie on)?

Karen: No, of course not. On them, but no.

Me: You guys are just going to have to lie together. It’s so interesting Alright. but I was thinking of something possibly with a little more depth. (chuckling)

Karen: Could that woman be me?

Me: Oh yeah. I’m sure they’re showing that one. And the purpose for showing it is, is treats. I’m seeing like beef. They want more treats, not dried stuff.

Karen: They want beef?

Cats: Yes!

Karen: Which they actually used to get. They haven’t had it in a while. I don’t even want to buy it, so we typically have fish. But they do tend to favor the beef. They’re cats. They’re not supposed to eat cows. (laughing)

Me: But they ate mice. They ate moles. You know. So interesting. Alright. Are we going to be able to go a past life? Yes, Alright. And so what I see then, in the immediate picture, is like a cheetah. They show me a big cat hunting. Okay, now is this about Karen or is this about you?

Cats: It’s about us. (laughter)

Karen: That would be my children. Me, me, me.

Me: It’s so fun. Let me think about this. This is the first cat that I’ve read a past life for and so maybe that’s why it’s so different because it’s just totally different from a horse or a dog because they have a very different role in people’s lives. (unintelligible) Yeah. Yeah. Much more independent, can easily go feral. So interesting.

Me: Alright. Let’s try again. So did you have a past life with Karen?

Cats: Yes, but not in the sense you are thinking. We have been around as familiars, in the barns, in the forests, but we did not begin having a personal relationship, as you would call it, with humans until quite recently. We stayed out of the way, out from underfoot. We were valued for what we did. You know they killed all of us who were black.

Me: I appreciate you coming forward so that I could have this experience. So can you tell me . . .What can you tell me that would be useful for Karen?

Cats: Let’s talk about us some more.

Me: (chuckling) Well, alright. Alright. We can talk about you. (laughter) Alright so, Sierra. Yeah, you know that they killed them all.

Karen: (Unintelligible. Karen shares information from another past life reading with Sierra during the time when Karen had a familiar.)

Me: Yeah. Wow. Well. They’re not going there. Well I remember that. So tell me more. Ah. Okay.

Cats: So Karen could learn from us. She should indulge herself more.

Me: These guys are a riot.

Karen: I like ‘em.

Me: They’re very fun.

Cats: And she’s learned from us to be fiercely independent because we are fiercely independent, except we like to cuddle. We do not want to give up the cuddling. We like the cuddling. Cuddling is really important. We like laying on her and by her and near her.

Me: So, why are you speaking to me as a “we” instead of an “I.”

Cats: Because we are a “we.”

Me: Sierra/Sage. Interesting. And I keep seeing Winter’s eyes looking on, looking in.

Cats: Karen should hunt.

Me: Karen is not going to hunt. (laughter) That isn’t how it works anymore. I don’t think they approve of your vegetarian lifestyle.

Karen: No. (laughing) Life’s a bitch. (laughter)

Me: Yeah. Yeah. You know, guys.

Karen: They’re lucky they’re not vegetarians!

Me: That’s right. You are not. Because Karen knows you would not survive on a vegetarian diet. That’s not how you’re made. Okay. Talk to me some more. As I see them go back in time, they get increasingly fierce and independent. So that even as a small kitten, they’re like HAAA! (Imitates cat hissing). You know, you know how they are. Does that remind you of something? HAAA!

Karen: (Shares information that can’t quite be distinguished about a family of feral cats that she doesn’t have a close connection with.)

Me: Interesting. Mmm. Guys. I just don’t think this is working out for me here.

Cats: Oh no. Oh no. We’ll show you stuff. We’ll show you stuff.

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