Experience Energy

What Should You Feel When You Experience Energy?

This is just a brief article today, but it’s one that I feel is important to understand…

Sunny-Healing EnergyServicesDuring a phone consult about Sunny, I asked Sunny’s person, Marsha Evans, to hold her hand about 4″ above Sunny’s head and tell me what she felt.

She said, “I see butterflies and green grass and flowers–like an idealized meadow. I see colors–reds and blue swaths through the meadow. It’s open and breezy. A place you’d want to be.”

We each experience energy differently. How we perceive the energy – whether by scent, visually, or physical sensation – doesn’t matter. What matters is the insight it gives us into the other’s well-being.

However you experience energy, it is a gift to cultivate.

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