Past Lives

Lessons Learned From Past Lives With a Beloved Animal

January 28, 2016 reading by Wanda Buckner for Diane Westbrook

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Diane asked me to do a reading with a horse who had been in her present life. When I asked for who would like to step forward, Red came forward to talk to Diane about her role in Diane’s life and the decision to end Red’s life. Red was an Appendix (1/2 Thoroughbred and 1/2 Quarter Horse). She was over 16 hands.


Understanding a Past Life

And who I’m seeing is Red (mare). Hello, Red. And I’m asking Red’s purpose in your life and Red is clear that her purpose was to teach you that animals have feelings and suffer the same emotional challenges and joys as humans do. They can feel rejection, the joy of birth, the pain of death for a child.

And she wants you to know that he’d been lame, she’d been lame a long time. And a horse that’s lame on one foot, all the other feet go too. It’s just not possible. Like a dog can be three legged, but a horse really can’t. And she knew that her time had come but . . . .and she also knew it had become more and more painful. And in those days there wasn’t a lot to be done and there wasn’t any purpose in doing it, because it could not be solved.

FromaPastLife-HealingEnergyServicesAnd so she says you shouldn’t feel badly because it was not horrible or awful. She didn’t regret going. She felt her life was complete. She was sorry she couldn’t see the foal grow, but the foal would have left. It’s the nature of horses that the foal would leave at some point and she was very sad that it was so early. But she felt really good about your life together. She loved all of it.

She did not want to go to someone else.  She was aware that a lame horse did not have a good life on other ranches if they continued to live. They were often misused and worn out and thrown away. So she preferred that it be as it was. That she wasn’t all broken down and painful. That she didn’t have to wait that long.

And she appreciated all the extra time you spent with her. And she understood and knew that she could not ride, be ridden. It was just too painful. She enjoyed it for the first moments, but after the fact, there was such a price to pay. So, in a strange kind of funny way, she appreciated Sally [the new mare] because she didn’t have that obligation [to be ridden] anymore, but she missed the heart to heart connection with you. She really appreciated it when you recognized that and spent that time with her.

Diane gave this further information about Red after the reading. Red was lame with ringbone at least a year before she was bred. She had a foal (a little filly) that died unexpectedly at 4 months. Red was devastated. We kept Red for a couple of years after her foal died at which time she was “sold” (?) to what I assume was the equivalent of a “kill pen” today. I was away at college and did not have the heart to ask my father for details.

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