Reiki Heals Situations

Using Reiki to Heal Situations


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Healing for situations…

In her contribution to the summit, Wanda Buckner discusses distance healing for situations. You may go to the resources at this link, Using Reiki to Heal Situations, or listen below to Wanda below.

ReikiHealsSituations-.EnergyHealingServicesThe possibilities for healing through Reiki is broader than healing individual people or animals. Reiki can also be used to heal situations. From a position of neutrality, we can send Reiki to all those impacted by events whether it is war, floods, or family relationships. When wildfires burn out of control, we can send Reiki to the animals, the people whose homes are threatened and the agencies supporting them, as will as the firefighters on the front lines and the people supporting them. In this interview Wanda discusses how you can use Reiki to heal situations.

Wanda explains to us why healing the situation with Reiki could be more efficient than sending individual healings, and shares the process that we can all use to call on the power, the consciousness and the intelligence of Reiki for the greatest good of all involved.

You may listen to Wanda from the audio bar below:

Wanda Buckner
Holy Fire Reiki Master/Instructor, Healing Touch Program Certified Practitioner, and Medium