Why Communicate With Animals

Why Do You Want To Communicate With Animals? 

ReasonToTalkToAnimals-HealingEnergyServicesCould it be to understand better what they think and then to communicate back?

To change or improve their behavior?

To understand what they do and why they do it?

To be more connected to the natural world?

Or is it something else?  

If your reason for talking to animals is to get them to do what you want them to do, the chances are you will be unsuccessful. After all, why should they do what we want them to do, especially since it often goes against their own natural instincts and inborn desires.  

For me, talking to animals is about understanding their point of view and benefiting from it. They do not have to do anything for me or be anything for me other than themselves.  I want to know more about them…

  • How could their lives be better? 
  • What would improve their living situation?
  • wonder what they think about during the day. I am curious.

I appreciate the opportunity to have a peek into how another species reacts to the world.  

 What is the value of communication with animals? 

Mutual communications foster a closer human/animal bond. We can be more helpful to our animals when we understand situations from their point of view. It is possible to improve some behaviors that we see as negative, but there has to be something in it for the animal; it can’t be just about what we want. We can tap into the knowledge animals have and learn from themAnimal communication expands our appreciation of who they are both as a species and as individuals.  

 Do you believe you can receive information from animals? 

CommunicateWithSheep-HealingEnergyServicesTake a moment to consider why you believe you can communicate with animals. Perhaps you believe this is possible based on what you’ve read. Because other people can communicate with animals, you wonder if you could too. Or perhaps you had an actual experience of your animal responding to an animal communicator. You may have heard animals speak or seen images animals have sent you. 

I believe we are all connected. There is one energy and we are simply different expressions of the energy. We are all in the same energetic field and can share information across it. Others believe we can access the Akashic records to find out knowledge about all things in this world. Others maintain that quantum physics allows as to communicate. For me, it’s not the explanation that matters, it’s the experience. 

 What prevents you from communicating with animals?  

For many people, though they believe other people can communicate with animals, they don’t believe they can. They may not trust themselves or they may think they are making up what they perceive. They often can’t believe it really is this easy. Sometimes people are impatient and don’t take the time to get quiet enough to receive communication or to listen deeply.  

We may also get concerned with what others might think about us, about being wrong, or being judged. We might worry that others don’t believe communication is possible and we might look foolish. Sometimes we believe that animals don’t want to talk or communicate to us.  

Another barrier to communication is thinking it has to occur in a certain way. We need to realize that as humans we communicate in many different waysthrough our energy, our body-language, our expressions, our intention, the inflection in our voice, and the words we speak. Words are only a small part of the information we convey when we speak.  

Doors to opening communication … 

BuddyA setting that is quiet and serene will help you focus your attention. Time set aside for the specific act of communicating will increase the amount of information you receive. Positive experiences with communicating encourages us to communicate even more. Feedback that the information we received was correct also builds our confidence and opens doors.  

When we seek specific knowledge, it is easier to receive an answer. A perpetual sense of wonder, of being a learner, and always being respectful to the animals increases communication. Recognizing animals as teachers and acknowledging them as equals increases the level of information you receive. Communication isn’t as much an intellectual process as it is a heart process.

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