Connect With Animals After Death

Can We Keep The Connection With Our Animals After Death?

BelovedDog-Energy HealingServicesWhen our beloved animals die, we long for continued connection and signs they are still with us. This dear dog tells her humans how they can continue to feel her love for them. Below is Georgia’s communication to her grieving humans.

“My beautiful moms, you know I loved you wholeheartedly and unconditionally as you loved me. I have no regrets. I only have wonderful memories. Even though I don’t have a body here, the feelings remain. The feelings of being held, walking outside, cuddling in the bed, and laughing together…all those feelings are intact.

Know that every time you call my name, I am there. I have not abandoned you. Whenever you look at my picture, I see you cry. But look into my eyes. Through that picture, I am communicating my love. Let that love fill your heart. Let gratitude for all the time we had together fill your heart. Know that you will always be loved and held in my heart, and I have a very big heart. Since I’m here on the other side, my heart is even bigger because all is love here. There is only love.

ConnectWithDeceasedAnimal-HealingEnergyServicesWhen you look at my picture, feel my love surrounding you and know that love is forever. We all knew my body was limited in its time on earth. That’s the experience of being a dog or a human or any animal or tree or plant on earth.

We are born to live and to die. But the experience of the soul is to always return, always return to the larger soul, the oversoul. All of us are so much bigger than our bodies; so much bigger. It’s not that the soul leaves the body, it’s that the soul releases the body. The body has served its purpose and the soul continues lofting forward with its purpose. And here in this world, all is love.

I hope as you hear these words, you will feel my love surround you; that will realize that everything in our home is bathed in the golden light of pure love. I love you. I love; that’s who I am and what I am. Because you have known this love, you can give this love to another. You can expand this love. You can allow it be all encompassing in your life.

Love is full of joy. Love is always kind. Love always wants what’s best for the other, whatever that may be. That’s what you gave to me and what I give to you. You think you have lost me, but I have just changed form, like ice to water to steam. Now I’m more like steam. Just another form that was and still is Georgia. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Look at my photo and look into my eyes. You will see and feel my soul.”