Distance Reiki Healing And Pendulum

Using A Pendulum For Distance Reiki Healing

PendulumDistanceHealing-HealingEnergyServicesSometimes the greater challenge with distance healing is convincing people that it works! I remind people of energetic connections they may have experienced, such as knowing who is calling when the phone rings or feeling they must call home before they know an accident occurred.

I use a pendulum to demonstrate to distance clients that we are energetically connected. Zoom, Skype, and similar programs allow me to be face to face with clients. I show clients how a pendulum responds to the energetic flow from my fingers. They see the pendulum move and even change direction as it picks up the energy from my fingers. The pendulum swinging in a circle indicates the energy is open and flowing. The fingers are alternately charged so the pendulum’s clockwise movement changes to counterclockwise as I move from one finger to the next. A back and forth movement indicates compromised energy.

Using a surrogate for long distance healing…

surrogateFollowing this demonstration, I use the pendulum to assess the energy of the large stuffed dog, I use as a surrogate during the Reiki session. I check my dog Benjie’s chakras and joints with the pendulum. Benjie is only used for Reiki, so his energetic system is always open and flowing evenly.

Next, I designate Benjie to stand in lieu of the human or animal client. I assess the client’s energy flow using Benjie as a surrogate. People see that the pendulum swings differently with Benjie as the client than it did when Benjie was himself. The pendulum indicates where energetic openness and compromises exist. If the client has a lower back issue, the pendulum will show a compromise in that area. People see the accuracy of the pendulum in identifying their or their animal’s challenges. I make note of the energetic results and then conduct the Reiki session.

At the conclusion of the session, I use the pendulum with Benjie as the surrogate to demonstrate the changes in the client’s energetic system. The pendulum’s assessment reinforces the client’s experience by providing a visual verification of the changes that occurred.

Reiki does not require a visual or physical connection to be effective…

Whether clients live nearby or on another continent, our mission as practitioners is to provide Reiki in the manner that best meets the clients’ needs at that time—hands-on, nearby, or at a distance. Our client experiences, and results confirm the power of Reiki and distance healing.

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