Treat Your Body

Your Body, Your Friend

YourBodyYourFriend-HealingEnergyServicesHow do you treat your body? Do you see your body as a mindless servant that you push and push until it collapses? Or do you feel it has betrayed you through a genetic malfunction that interferes with your daily life and makes it more difficult? Or have you divorced your body, refusing to acknowledge it and treating it as if it is an unwelcome appendage?

We are meant to be in our bodies in this world…

Our bodies are the means through which we create our lives. We need to make friends with our body; to recognize how much it does right–the amazing autonomic processes that continue below our conscious awareness, the coordinated systems that make it possible for us to walk and talk.The more we pay attention to our body and take care of it, the more it gives in return. Though our body may be imperfect in our eyes, even so, it is still extraordinary. What would happen if you saw your body from that perspective instead of being forever critical and unhappy with how it looks, acts, or performs?

We are complex beings…

ThankYourBody-HealingEnergyServicesOur bodies are miracles of design and function. I encourage you to bless your body with gratitude daily. Heed its warnings of being overtaxed. Take time to say thank you. In response, your body will willingly provide the support you need to create in this world. Follow along with the ten minute video meditation below. You’ll find it soothing and healing. If some hand positions are uncomfortable, leave your hands relaxed and mentally stretch to the location. Enjoy.

Grateful for My Body: a Ten Minute Centering Meditation.

You can download the video with this link:  Download Meditation Video

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