Energy Relationships

Our Energetic Relationships With People And Inanimate Objects

Do you need protection or a healing? Does your house talk to you? Do you talk to it?

Wanda on the RadioIn the first audio radio program below, I discuss the difference between protecting yourself from the energy of relatives and acquaintances and healing the past interactions that wounded you with host Eileen Grimes of the Jupiter Rising Show.

I am a regular guest on the Jupiter Rising Show at this link the last Saturday of the month, December 29, at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight time. You are welcome to call in to either show.

In the second show, The House that Talked, I discuss our energetic relationship with both animate and inanimate objects in our environment with host Carol Olivia Adams of The Matter of the Heart.

You can hear Carol and me live at this link on Dec. 19 at 8:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

 Jupiter Rising Show KKNW AM 1150…Eileen Grimes, host.

Wanda Buckner, EdD. Topic: Do We Need Protection or Do We Need Healing? 

Listen at this link

All times are approximate

HealingProtection-HealingEnergyTherapy15:50 Do we need protection or healing?

19:20 Separate our issues from others’ issues

20:20 We bring our past forward into the present

21:10 Dogs interacting in a social situation; not every situation needs our intervention

24:10 Acceptance of others and ourselves as we are

25:00 Allow others to change

26:25 Mind your own business; unconditional love

27:00 Being patronizing

31:00 It’s really us we need to work on

31:30 I just want some guidance from my guide!

32:50 Don’t pester the universe

35:15 Can I trust myself?

35:30 Finding our power

38:30 You’ll know when you’ve had enough

39:00 Being rescued; we all do our best

42:00 Get out of judgement

45:30 Be in the moment. Reiki precepts

47:50 Allow friends and family to be new in the moment

48:00 This is the moment of decision and action

48:50 Make a new decision; Find moments of joy.

51:00 Accept others and yourself as you are. If we could do better, we would. unconditional love.

The Matter of the Heart 11-21-18   1100 AM KFNX  Carol Olivia Adams, Host.

Wanda Buckner, EdD. Topic: “What the House Said: The Nature of Consciousness”

Matter of the Heart podcasts

All times are approximate

00:00 Carol Olivia Adams Program Introduction

2:10 Doing reading for client when their house talked!

3:00 The house expresses its feelings

5:20 Did the house talk because the client talked to the house?

6:30 Who we are is more than a collection of body parts. The same is true of a house.

7:40 Does the location of the house have anything to do with it speaking?

8:25 Everything is in relationship with everything around it

9:25 Perhaps my car reflects the energy I project to it

11:10 Carol program continues

11:50 Are we creating consciousness with artificial intelligence?

16:00 If Creation could make us conscious, it could make everything conscious

18:00 Feeling the energy in crystals. Is this another form of consciousness?

19:15 Receiving information from plants

22:00 Wanda’s contact information

23:20 Inky, the octopus that escaped

25:30 This whole world is made for us? Really?

26:00 We are in relationship with everything in our environment, including manmade objects

29:20 Psychometry. Every personal item we have absorbs and reflects our energy

30:30 Pendulums. Accessing information not available from conscious mind

34:00 How to use a pendulum

38:00 How does the pendulum know the answer?

38:30 How do psychics receive information

41:00 How we perceive those things outside of ourselves influences our interactions with them

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