Family Gathering Stress

Tools To Get You Through The Stress Of Family (or other) Gatherings

Just in time to prepare you for challenging holiday gatherings…even though Thanksgiving is over, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are nearly here, and those gatherings can be very challenging, not to mention any other gatherings that may occur throughout the year.

Do you Need Protection or Healing? On “The Matter of the Heart” Podcast.

Podcast Summary:

WandaOnRadio-HealingEnergyServices Wanda Buckner speaks on Letting Go on “The Matter of the Heart” podcast.

1:16 Welcome to the show, Carol Olivia Adams host. Wanda Buckner, guest.

1:50 Going into family gatherings dragging all our shared history.

2:50 Stuck in a time warp with an adult child? Allow each other to be different. Release all expectations. Allow something new and different to happen.

4:40 Overreacting based on history?

5: 40 Strategies for dealing with boorish behavior. Release judgment. Ask, what is it that triggers me?

7:20 It is about power only if we participate in it. Let it go. We don’t have to have the same fight every year.

8: 30 Release emotions from picture memories of the past for a fresh start.

11:15 Protection from others or healing of self?

14: 00 How I feel is mine. How others feel is theirs.

15:00 Hypnosis to clear defenses developed in childhood that no longer serve us.

17: 50 Protection or personal power?

21: 50 Personal power is a double sided coin. Is it that someone is trying to take our power or we are giving it away? Reacting from childhood.

AcceptingOthers-EnergyhealingServices24:15 Accepting others as they are in that moment and being accepted as we are.

26:45 Respect others’ choices in their relationships. Mind your own business.

27:50 Refusing to let it go. Same argument played out again! We don’t have to be right.

30:30 Letting it go. Control and power are twin sisters. In a tug of war? Drop your end of the rope.

32:50 Accept others as they are in the present. Look with fresh eyes every time we see others. We do this with a person who has dementia and with children. We too are changing. Who are we and others in the now? Unconditional love is about recognizing that others are doing the best they can just as we are; it’s not about liking what they do or who they are in this world.

37:00 You have a choice of attending gatherings or not. Release judgmental frameworks. Have a neutral perspective.

38:30 Tools to get you through family (or other) gatherings.

39:50 You don’t learn about love by loving lovable people.

40:50 Look for good. Have a spirit of acceptance. Go forward in love.

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