Life After Earth Life

Discovering What Life After Earth Life is Like

Shelby (17 yr old deceased Golden Retriever) talks to her humans about life after life on earth.  “They [lives] are not like pearls on a string, there is no linear sequence here.” Snarf and Baxter, also canines, preceded her in death.

shelby-healingenergyservicesGood morning. You said Mom and Dad would enjoy hearing from me.  I actually haven’t left them. At least in one way. In another way I have. I am much more closely connected to Snarf and Baxter here. It’s interesting. We don’t look like we did. There is not physical form, but there is energetic form. We have aspects of our personalities. Snarf is still very, very curious and inquisitive. Baxter is still “come what may.” I am still very intellectual. I didn’t expect that. No one is angry or aggressive or wants to fight. I think that’s because there is no competition here, no pecking order. We all just are.  There is a very calm vibration, like a tone is the only way I can explain it, that we are all held in and are all part of.

Do I miss you?

No, not really. I don’t feel I’ve left you. Miley still needs me. I am a calming influence. I live in your memories and hearts, like a hologram that was manifested from you for a time that could be seen and experienced in physical form that is now no longer in physical form, but is still with you. On earth, there is the desire for the physical body—its feel, its touch, its movement (including the systems within the body as well as the ability of the body to move in earth’s space and time). All of that is irrelevant here. Movement is not a concept. It is being. And being is everywhere. Being permeates the space. There is no edge of being, no end of being, it just is, yet we don’t have the experience of overlapping each other. There is no, “this is my space, that is your space.”

The concept of me…

pastlifepearls-healingenergyservicesIt’s difficult to explain in human terms where everything and everyone appears to have a boundary, an edge, a space they fill: “This is me, this is not me.” That is not my experience here. Yet I am aware of the concept of me and the concept of the other. Our names are not connected to our being as they were on earth. I am aware of many names and many times and many places, that what I call me has existed in before. My recollection of these is rather vague and they all run together. They are not like pearls on a string, there is no linear sequence here. I really had no expectation or concept of what this would be after life ended on earth, like the sperm has no concept of what it is driven toward or what form it will become; like the salmon swimming upstream. In the moment, we are compelled, and then the form is different.

In the next past life reading with Shelby she discusses planned death and memory.

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