Messages From Our Animals

What Message Would Your Animal Give You?

a cat portrait close up(To listen to this reading you may click on the Audio Player Bar below. This section begins at position 14:29 on the audio bar. In the audio, “you” and “she” sometimes refers to the cat, Princess Penelope, and sometimes to the client Leona. The actual names of those involved in this reading were omitted from the audio in respect for client privacy. If you follow the audio using the transcript, who is speaking, whether it is Leona or Princess Penelope will be clearer.)

Princess Penelope (feline) left this additional comment for her human, which applies to many of us!


Penelope, is there anything more?

Tell Leona that I love her. That my health is not dependent on her. She feels very responsible for everything. EVERYTHING. Even though she is a powerful woman, she is not responsible for everything.

(Leona and me laughing in recognition.)

Thank you very much.

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