Past Life Learnings with Our Animals

Understanding the Learnings in a Past Life

BlackBear-CooseEnergyTherapy(To listen to this reading you may click on the Audio Player Bar below. This section begins at position 9:54 on the audio bar. In the audio, “you” and “she” sometimes refers to the cat, Princess Penelope, and sometimes to the client Leona. The actual names of those involved in this reading were omitted from the audio in respect for client privacy. If you follow the audio using the transcript, who is speaking, whether it is Leona or Princess Penelope will be clearer.)

Princess Penelope (feline) shared one more past life with Leona about the continuum of lives and their interconnections.


Could we see one more life that would have a bearing on today?

Penelope, I’m seeing you as a bear. A bear with a black coat and a brown snout with brown on the ears, like they make teddy bears now, but this is a real bear. In a forest.  I see it’s not a NW forest though, it’s more like birch and I see possibly like the Great Lakes area that I associate with Indians wearing leather and having canoes and Leona is a female and she’s young.

She first meets you when you are a cub and you are so darling. She cannot resist you. You are just a baby and no fear of humans and the two of you make a connection before she runs away because she knows it’s dangerous. The mother bear must be nearby and she knows the mother bear will be dangerous. She knows her people hunt and eat and kill bears but the difference is her people are deeply grateful and thankful for the bear. The bear is their totem, not their enemy. The bear is a symbol of power and a spiritual symbol too. They honor bear by wearing bear masks. The bear is interwoven in their lives.

Killing a bear is both a joyful and a sorrowful moment. It is a sacrifice. When they eat the bear, they gain the bear’s qualities of intelligence, cunning, strength, endurance and gentleness. They know the bear is a vegetarian. It’s that gentle quality. They know the bear is a protective mother, the mother bear. It is a powerful symbol for them. And Leona, by the connection you have with this bear cub, it’s a connection that remains with you throughout your life, like a transfer of power or a sharing of power.

Even though this is a male dominated society, you are recognized as very powerful. I see a bear-toothed necklace around your neck as you get older. It’s not a symbol of killing, it’s a symbol of connection. A symbol of alignment. A symbol of personal power enhanced by the power of the bear. A respect for all beings. Not only all living things, but you see the life in the rocks and the stars and the moon and everything is living. You recognize that you are one small part of this continuum of lives and the connections among all of them. Your people see you as powerful because they are unable to, they do not see those connections. They celebrate and sacrifice and hunt from a limited perspective. But you see the universe while they see the earth.

I’m asking Princess Penelope the purpose of this story and this life.

To remind you that there have been times that you have been intricately connected with this other aspect of the universe. And that you are still connected, but you had forgotten that in the mists of time. And that Princess Penelope has come back to you to remind you of this and to open this door for you once again.

It is very lovely. Thank you very much.

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