Novice Reiki Healers

Advice to Novice Reiki Healers: Five Guidelines to Smooth Your Path

ReikiHealingTouch-HealingEnergyTherapyProviding Reiki to friends, family, and clients is an honor and sacred trust.

People are vulnerable in your presence. They share deep concerns with you.

May the guidelines below smooth the way as your Reiki practice expands and your journey continues.


5 Guidelines For Novice Healers:

1. Provide a safe place.

Help clients be comfortable. Have water available. Assure confidentiality of records and
information. Be obvious about handwashing and fresh linens. Describe what a session looks like. Ask if they can comfortably lie on their back for the length of the session. Offer alternatives such as lying on their side or in a recliner. Place your hands on your body to demonstrate where touch will occur. Do they prefer hands on or hands off treatment? Are there areas they prefer no touch? Provide clients the opportunity to use the restroom before the session begins. Offer a blanket even when the room is warm. Ask if they have questions. Now you are ready to begin the session.

2. ReikiDoesHealing-HealingEnergyServicesWhat you offer is enough.

You will attract the clients you are meant to serve. You may have doubts that you have the skills to respond to the challenges they present. Set aside your ego. Reiki does the healing, not us. After the session, you may be concerned you talked too much or fault yourself for your wandering mind. Considering how the session could have gone better and making changes, allows you to become a better practitioner. We continue to learn and grow throughout our careers. We continue to self-assess, take classes, and gain insights from our clients and other practitioners. Self-reflection improves our practice and ourselves. Our clients are our teachers.

3. Reiki is not talk therapy.

Let clients know they can tell you anything or nothing at all. Avoid getting caught up in the client’s story. Out of respect for the client’s privacy, don’t press for details and record them. Understand that clients are releasing their experiences to the universe. Allow the universe to answer them through Reiki. Trust Reiki to respond in the manner and level appropriate to the situation. Healing happens on the table, not during the intake.

4. Honor the client’s experience.

Avoid building expectations for a particular type of experience or healing during the session. Clients are unique and their experiences will be unique. One experience is not better than the other. Some will feel the energy working; some will not. Some will have multi-faceted experiences that may include sound, color, angelic beings, or other phenomena. Reiki works no matter the client’s experience. Following the session, ask neutral questions. Would you like to share anything about your session? Allow silence. Give clients time to integrate their experiences. Leave the interpretation of what happened during the session to them. They are the experts on themselves.

5. ReikiAdvice-HealingEnergyServicesRefer clients to resources.

Stay within your scope of practice. When clients have chronic issues that are not resolved through Reiki, recommend they seek additional resources such as Alcoholics Anonymous, medical doctors or counselors. You may suspect diet as the cause of the client’s fatigue, but unless you are trained as a nutritionist, do not give advice. You do not know if underlying issues, such as pre-diabetes, need to be addressed along with diet. We do not work in a vacuum; we are not the only answer to the client’s quest. Reiki is both a stand-alone treatment and a wonderful supplement to other interventions.

Providing Reiki is a gift to others and to yourself. Allow your practice to unfold. Withhold judgement,
allow change, keep learning. Trust yourself. Trust Reiki. We welcome you to the long, honored line of
healers that extends from the far past into the distant future.


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