Using A Pendulum

 Understanding The Use Of A Pendulum

UsingAPendulum-healingEnergyServicesThis article is based on a question I received from a Level I Reiki student:

Q: Am I being way too self-doubting about doing Reiki? I worry that I when I pre-assess and post-assess the energy of an area of the body with my pendulum, I see what I want to see!

A: Yes, you are being self-doubting and you are giving the pendulum too much power. It is a tool, not an oracle!

The first assumption you are making is that you may not be able to “do” Reiki. You are not “doing” Reiki. The attunement allows the healing energy of Reiki to effortlessly flow through you. After the attunement, Reiki is always available to you. Trust it.

The pendulum is the tool; Reiki is the healer…

ReikiForHealing-HealingEnergyservicesTrust Reiki. Your dependence on the pendulum to determine if Reiki is needed or if Reiki worked is like trying to verify if electricity is needed or if it worked by checking if one light bulb can turn on and off rather than considering the complete electrical system. A pendulum pre and post assessment to see if a healing is needed or if it worked is unnecessary.

Post assessing with a pendulum to show yourself that you could “do” Reiki indicates a desire for specific outcomes from the session. Your question also implies that Reiki is about you “doing” something. Let go of outcomes. Let go of “doing” something.

Manifestation of healing…

Reiki is a healing energy that works on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels. A pendulum pre or post assessment is one dimensional. Basing whether or not Reiki “worked” by assessing one energetic dimension in a specific place ignores Reiki’s impact on multiple dimensions. You can assess a single spot, or the chakras, or the hara and see pre to post change or not. Don’t assume that the change indicated is all that happened during the session. Allow the healing to manifest in its own time.

In my next article I’ll talk about the differences in pendulum responses between people and using spot treatments.

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