Your Past Lives

Use Your Past Lives As A Tool

PastLives-HealingEnergyTherapyDr. Wanda Buckner is the founder of Healing Energy Services, Pet and People Communicator, Energy Healer Psychic, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki, and Medium for Pets and People.

On The Matter of the Heart with host Carol Olivia, Wanda Buckner delves into the concepts of past lives as well as the now.

She maintains that past lives can be a useful tool to understand our present.

Wanda encourages us to spend less time on our past lives and concentrate on the now.  And she offers us a new perspective on past lives and includes many interesting stories to think about.

It’s The Matter of the Heart with Dr. Wanda Buckner and host Carol Olivia Adams.

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