Communicate And Connect With Animals

Why I Communicate And Connect With Animals

The ability to communicate with animals and other living and non-living aspects of our universe is rooted in our personal philosophy.

For me, and many others, the universe is conscious; therefore, everything within it is conscious, whether animate, inanimate, or man-made. I recognize there is much we don’t know or see, even though it is right beside us. There will always be more to learn about those that share this planet with us.

My feelings about animals…

ExperienceAnimals-HealingEnergyServicespngI experience animals as highly evolved, sentient beings whom I respect and learn from. I respect animals’ consciousness, feelings, and wisdom. I do not judge them based on my perspective of intelligence. I am not better, more capable, more evolved, or more spiritual than they are. There is so much we do not know about the interior life of animals. I gain insight from my personal communications with animals. I participate in research studies on animal communication. I also follow studies being done on the consciousness of animals, plants, bacteria, and cells. I practice meditation and Reiki and seek greater understanding of the divine and universal consciousness.

How I connect with animals…

ConnectWithAnimals-HealingEnergyServicesI reach out to animals in love, respect, and appreciation of who they are in this world. I offer them a heart to heart connection based in love rather than logic or judgment. Many levels of connection are possible—from the practical here and now to their life view, previous lives and how they see themselves in this world and the next. Our spiritual selves are beyond time and place and individual species. I connect with animals through the soul’s eternal spiritual essence.