Our Animals

The animals that begin our journey in life with us are not the ones who will complete our journey. Rather successive generations of animals will come in and out of our life.

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A Cat Afterlife

Hear one cat’s description of her experience following death and merging back into her greater soul.  Life spams vary across species and even within species, but every life  is the length it’s meant to be.

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Journey With Animals

In this edition of The Jupiter Rising Show, Eileen Grimes welcomes back pet psychic Wanda Buckner to commemorate the 7th season of the show! Wanda shares the concept that the animals in our lives are like monarch butterflies.

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Animals Healing Power

Have you ever thought about why animals live in the present? On The Matter of the Heart podcast with Carol Olivia, Wanda Buckner discusses stories about patients and how an animal helped heal their blood pressure, or why dogs are so therapeutic to patients in hospitals.

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