Energy Healing Uses

How Can Energy Healing Be Used?


Energy Healing can be instant, incremental or transformational. You are unique and your experience will be unique.

This audio of Chapter 3 of my book Choosing Energy Therapy  discusses its use for you, your children, and at a distance. As you listen to this audio, I invite you to reflect on your beliefs and experiences:

  1. Do you, your child, or your animal have a non-medical physical, emotional, or mental issue you have decided to live with because you feel you nothing can be done?
  2. How would your life, or your child or animal’s life, be different if this issue were no longer present?
  3. When scheduling a consultation with an energy worker, what questions would you ask?
  4. Do you have a special connection across space with someone in your life? What does this connection have to do with energy healing?
  5. Do you believe in the power of prayer to heal? Do you consider prayer to be distance healing?

Topic locations of Chapter 3

00:00 Healing a Little, Healing a Lot
03:42 Energy Therapy for Everything?
07:19 Considering Energy Therapy?
10:45 Choosing Energy Therapy for Children
13:30 Safety for children
15:37 Healing at a Distance
19:34 Taking Charge of Your Experience
21:29 For Reflection

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