Practical Matters for Energy Healer

Considering Practical Matters For Your Energy Healer

EnergyHealerMatters-Chhose EnergyTherapy

Even when choosing your Energy Healer, there are practical matters that must be considered. In this chapter of my book, I discuss informed consent, code of ethics and scope of practice. Remember, you are the expert on you. You will find this information helpful in deciding who to choose for energy healing work for yourself, your loved ones, and your animals.

As you listen, please reflect on these questions;

  1. What attributes do you want in a practitioner?
  2. How much money are you willing to invest in your or your animal’s healing?
  3. How will you know the practitioner is the right practitioner? (this has a redo also. Please cut out repeat.
  4. How will you know you received a healing?

Chapter 9, Considering Practical Matters

4:20 Feeling comfortable

7:15 Session costs

8:20 Referring you to someone else

10:05 Number of sessions

11:10 Insurance coverage

11:45 The right practitioner

15:45 Consider seeing a local practitioner first.

16:50 Trust your gut

18:60 Following your session

20:55 For Reflection

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