Healing Others

Healing Energy For Healing Others


This final chapter of my book, Choosing Energy Therapy, addresses the concept of using Healing Energy to heal yourself and to heal others.

Healing energy flows through each of us. Your capacity can be awakened in a variety of ways. Having this information, what comes next? Take action!

Chapter 10 Healing Others, Topic Locations

1:30 Energy Healing can be Learned

3:07 Do-It-Yourself Benefits

5:28 Healing Others

8:17 Fixing Yourself and Others

19:08 Healing or Cured or Both?

20:10 Self-Care is Important

22:48 For Reflection

  1. Do you know a person or animal who self-healed?
  2. Do people who have extensive medical interventions self-heal?
  3. Do you know a person or animal who was physically cured, but not healed? Why not?
  4. If you or your animal healed emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, how would daily life be different?

23:28 A Final Note

25:33 Transforming Your Life

28:08 Now What?

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