Energy Healing Concept

What is the Concept of Energy Healing…

 Changing Your Life

reikihealingenergyThe concept of energy healing is easily understood. How it works is part science, part mystery.

This audio of Chapter 1 in my book Choosing Energy Therapy  provides information and examples.

As you listen to this audio, I invite you to reflect on your beliefs and experiences. Feel free to share with me and others following this blog your personal experiences and thoughts. Thank you for your input.

  1. Do you believe energy therapy could work?
  2. What did your parents believe about healing?
  3. What did their parents believe?
  4. What changed that contributed to the differences among your beliefs and those of your parents and grandparents?

Topic Locations of Chapter 1

Part 1
00:16 Section One Considering Options
00:45 Chapter 1 Changing Your Life
01:45 Transforming Whether We Want To or Not
04:30 What is Energy Healing?
13:24 Haystack Theory of Healing
15:58 Choosing Something Different
17:49 Energy Therapies
18:44 Does Energy Work, Work!
23:24 There are Always Outcomes
26:59 For Reflection

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