Choose Energy Healer

How to Choose  Your Energy Healer

EnergyHealer-ChooseEnergyTherapyWith so many energy healing options, how do you choose a practitioner? This audio 0f Chapter 8 of my book, Choosing Energy Therapy, provides guidelines and suggestions for finding the healer you are looking for.

As you listen, reflect on these questions:

  1. What attributes do you want in a practitioner?
  2. What is important to you about the modality?
  3. What practitioner credentials are important to you?
  4. What questions do you want answered before a session?

Chapter 8, Finding the Healer You Are Looking For, Topic Locations

00:00 Section Three: Taking Action

00:20 Chapter 8: Choosing a Practitioner.

01:22 Finding a Local Practitioner

03:44 Government Oversight

04:38 Choosing a Practitioner with Limited Experience

09:36 Choosing an Experienced Practitioner

11:31 Choose a Modality that Appeals to You

13:55 Angels, Entities, and Others

16:20 For Reflection:

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